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How to act in an emergency?

It’s important to act quickly in a dental emergency, please get in contact with us immediately.

For more information on common dental emergencies, please contact us.

I have a sore tooth, what should I do?

Got a sore tooth? It’s important to seek the diagnosis of the problem as soon as possible. Painkillers will provide temporary relief but if there is a more extensive issue it needs to be addressed in order to avoid further treatment.

Fractured or cracked tooth?

If you have a fractured or cracked tooth there are a number of procedures to fix the problem. A crown can effectively fix a cracked tooth. It is important however to act sooner rather than later. Leaving a tooth in a damaged state can lead to more extensive and expensive dental treatment being required.

What if I’ve lost my crown?

You need to keep a crown somewhere safe. This way, a dentist can re-attach it as soon and possible avoiding damage to the root.

I’ve lost my tooth, what should I do?

You need to act quickly! Making it to a medical or dental service within half an hour can be the difference between saving your natural tooth, or requiring a complete tooth replacement. For more information on how to act if you’ve lost a tooth, please speak with our team of dental professionals.

What to do if you’ve broken a denture

Luckily, a broken denture can be repaired fairly easily. You will still require dental treatment. If you’ve broken a denture get in contact with us as soon as possible.

How do I care for my kids’ teeth?

It’s important to encourage your children to adopt a positive attitude toward dental health and visiting the dentist at an early age. Visit our Caroline Springs dental clinic to find out more. .