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How to look after your kids teeth

It’s important to encourage your child to develop a positive attitude toward visiting the dentist and oral health at an early age.

Here at Caroline Springs Dental we have a few tips to ensure the oral health of your children.

Dental Care for kids:

  • Encourage a good dental schedule – As soon as your child begins exhibiting basic coordination skills, it’s time to start them brushing. Make sure you help them until they can do it themselves competently.
  • Encourage healthy eating – A healthy smile needs a healthy diet.
  • Start visiting the dentist regularly – If you hate visiting the dentist don’t convey this to your kids. If you can make a trip to the dentist sound fun and exciting this is going to be much more beneficial for your kids teeth and their overall health.

Here at Caroline Springs Dental we encourage a family friendly environment. We’re here to help you and your whole family develop a positive attitude toward dental health.

Caroline Springs Dental is also a proud provider of the CDBS Medicare scheme funding. The scheme entitles eligible children to funding of up to $1000.

To Note: Any dental procedure carries risks which also may depend on your general health. This will be discussed with you prior to any dental intervention.

Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner such as your dentist or your doctor.

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